Why am I not seeing any sales or cart activities after 9 months?

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Hello, everybody! I've been debating whether to ask for help here for quite some time, but I'm at a point where I simply cannot go on like this. I started a shop in October 2022, and it was my first time handling such things. By connecting other systems like Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, and Search Console, I handled everything on my own. I should also mention that my nephew has been assisting with my shop's on-page SEO. We haven't yet noticed the intended results despite his efforts. My store has undergone various revisions, yet it has always been accessible without the need for a password. My problem is that I haven't gotten any sales or "add to cart" activities up to this point. I used a couple Facebook advertisements, which led to more traffic but no sales at all. I'm not sure if it's because I have a lot of inferior things, the shop isn't appealing, or if there are technical problems. I would be very grateful for advice on how to improve this system and make my first sale. I'm so discouraged right now that I'm on the verge of deleting my account. Despite paying for Shopify for nine months and Placeit for the same amount of time, in addition to other fees, nothing seems to be working.



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Hi @BikerVibe,

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About your case, we think you should find someone to review your store and suggest the correct strategy for your business. You can look for Shopify Experts so that they can use their expertise to assist you.

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Hi Bikervibe,


I understand your concern. I have seen such posts from 2015. eCommerce stores requires more of a community push these days. You are targetting bikers and hence you should take effort in the following.

1. Create content that interests bikers.

2.Do reviews of products that bikers might like even if you do not sell them.

3.Make bikers feel that your store offers stuff which they cannot find else where.


Good luck and focus on creating interesting content. You will certainly win the eCommerce game.


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sorry to hear respected bikervibe i hope soon you will generate some sales. i was also going through same but few weeks ago i analyzed my top competitors and then analyzed my  website and i find out that my competitors have more blogposts then me so i decided to published some more blogposts and i published now my website traffic is improving. so i suggest you make a blog section on your website then try to publish some guides related to your products or some other blogposts. it will help you to grow your traffic and ultimately your sales. publish your blogposts with proper interlinking and on page seo. plus you can try different made ads.


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thanks for the advice, but I've been doing it for a long time.