Why are 1500 visits not converting to sales on my online store?

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I've had 1500 sessions on my store and no result. This is my second store, however, the niches are two polar opposites.


My store is themaleshopcollection.com - the UI and visuals are designed for use on a phone, as our way of advertising is through Instagram Theme Pages in the male self-improvement niche. 


I've looked at screen recordings of people and they hover around products and check each of them out thoroughly and never become a conversion.


Our target market is the "get rich wanna be's"


Turning for help here - any feedback is appreciated! Down to hop on a call if that would be more convenient for anyone. If that's better, you can either reply here or find me on ig - ivvnv44

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I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!


I am San from MS Web Designer

Thank you for sharing your store URL. This allowed me to go through your site.

You have a beautiful website. I believe a few adjustments may be required to make it more professional and appealing to customers.


Here are some recommendations:

1. Announcement bar Missing for Special announcement or promotion.
2. Social media Icon missing.

3.Logo can be more attractive which resonates with the brand.


                                                                                                  You can follow this.

Homepage: (First Impression is the last impression)

The homepage is the first landing page your customers will see after opening the website. Yours is done beautifully.

1.Homepage banner does not resonate with the brand. Once can include it more attractive and visually appealing.

2. Featured Products / all Titles should be Optimized and Seo Friendly.

3.Add Meta Description for all Products.
4. If Possible, add User generated content link reviews or Instagram feed.



                                                Add Customer Testimonial like This

5.Choose option page should be more highlighting.



Collection and Product Page:
- Add Product Review on Collection Pages.
- Add Sticky add to Cart and Buy now Button for quick checkout.
- Add Trust Badges below add to cart or Buy now Button
- Add Mouseover on 2nd image Features  

 - Alignment can be set properly for featuring the products.

Conversion Rate Optimization strategies:

 - Introduce coupon code or any free services like installation or bug fixation.

 - Time reservation on cart page to increase average order value.

 - Upsell and cross sell strategies to attract more customers to cart.


I hope this helps!


Please feel free to contact us for any further help that you might require.

Best regards,


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Hi @ivoivanov,


It’s Kate here from PageFly, a Shopify Landing Page Builder app. As a website builder and a CRO expert, I have some suggestions for optimizing your store. 

I completely understand the challenges you're facing with your store, especially with the high session count but no conversions—it must be frustrating. Your page looks luxurious, and suitable for your target market.

However, I have identified several issues that could be contributing to the problems you're experiencing. Because your UI and visuals are designed for use on a phone I will analyze the interface on the mobile. 


Consider adding an announcement bar and essential pages like a product page, collection page, “About Us” page,... to your menu bar. Also, implementing a sticky menu bar could also enhance navigation, allowing users to easily access different sections no matter where they are on your site.



1. Hero banner

- Your current CTA button text seems a bit lengthy and might be clearer with a more focused message. Shortening this could help you capture your customers' attention more effectively.

- Highlighting enticing keywords like "10K/month," "90% off," or "free" can significantly attract more viewers and potentially increase engagement.

- Consider reorganizing the elements on your page follow this order of the sections:

  • A title
  • A subtitle
  • A real CTA button

-> This structure is not only user-friendly but also better for SEO. Here is an example from our templates:


Also, you should use a more realistic photo that that more accurately reflect your content can build trust. For example, your content is talking about a young man in a Limbo, but the picture is of a BMW. Or you mention hot girls, but the images don't reflect that. In the first 5 seconds of viewing the page, the realism is missing. With luxury concept, I recommend you should gain customers' trust before you can make a sale.

2. Make your content clear, concise, easy to read and understand. 

- One suggestion is to spotlight your call to action button to potentially increase both the CTR and CR. 

And more, I recommend you edit a smaller font size, the word "important" should not break down into a single line. The content should be clear and concise and should grab the visitor's attention. 



- The benefit section is too long and its interface can make customer feel too lazy to read it all. My advice here is to divide content into sections and add images for it, it will improve your user's experiences.


Or you can consider using template like this for your benefit section, it’s have a user friendly interface:


- The CTA content has too many ideas in it. Instead, focus on just one key message that grabs the user's attention and makes them want to leave their contact information.


3. Make the interface look in shape. 

- Spotlighting well-reviewed products or bestsellers can help create a more attractive and coherent look. Try to spotlight your leading products - the product with good reviews and feedback. It can increase CTR and CR potentially. 



1. Improve your product page even better

At the end of the day, all we need is for customers to pay attention to CTA buttons and understand our policy to increase CTR and CR. So making the 'Add to Cart' button and shipping information more prominent can help draw attention to these critical elements and reach your goals. 


Another recommenadtion for your product page is updating the information to include details like size, length, and material.  Using bullet points will make it easier for customers to quickly scan and find the key details they need to make a purchase decision. 


2. Consider highlighting your product's image.

These changes will make it easier for visitors to navigate your store and expedite their purchasing decisions.


I hope these tips will help enhance your store and boost conversion rates. Wishing you the best in your endeavors. Keep up the great work! 


Kate | PageFly team  

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