Why are my products not appearing on my homepage?

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Hello all,


after spending much of my Saturday fighting themes and trying to get my products on my home page, I have decided to give it one more chance before I move to square space. 


I’ve tried everything discussed on the boards,


making it availabile online,

adding it to a collection 

updating the product page URLS

changing harmonizations codes

deleting and recreating the product


nothing works. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to sort this out and I’m about done with Shopify.


I’ve followed the guides, changed various themes, bought $400 themes, and nothing works.


lolemons.com but I pw protected it. Since its effectively useless.

im about to call it quits. Someone save me. 

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Hello, @Sourpatch69 

Please let me know your store URL, and let me check the issue. Once I find the issue we can collaborate with your store and solve the issue. 
You can DM me your store URL.

I am the Shopify developer and working with last 7 year.