Why are they leaving without purchases? Too many abandoned carts than checkouts.

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Hey guys, 

We launched www.dealokart.com with a view of bringing unique watches and jewellery to our customers. We have spent a lot on Facebook ads and Instagram Influencers. Yet, sales arent encouraging enough. It would be great if we could get a feedback on our portal and shopping experience. Our bounce rate has reduced from 100% to 69% which is still high. How can we reduce it further?

thank you. 

Vaibhav K.

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Hey Vaibhav,

There can be many reasons that why people are adding products to cart but not buyig out. If you are getting a lot of add to carts, you can safely say that they are interested in your products but something is letting them off at the checkout process.

Here are the common reasons people don't proceed buying the stuff they add to the cart.

- Unexpected tax and shipping charges at the time of checkout

- Customers are concerned with your payment system security or your website in general.

- They are just window shopping or making a price comparison ( price + tax + shipping that's why they proceed to the last page.

- Guest checkouts unavailable

- Limited payment options

- Limited shipping options

You might also find this resource useful - https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/reasons-for-an-abandoned-cart

Lastly, please retarget your abandoned cart visitors if you aren't. Try to ask them why they are abandoning as well as push your product again in front of them . You can use our app CareCart for this as it completely automates the process of retargeting abandoned cart users. Plus its 100% Free to use.

Hope this will help.


CMO of CareCart - Free Abandoned Cart Recovery App for Shopify store owners.
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Hey Abbas, 

Thanks for your response. Although I was expecting that someone would look at my website and identify dents if any, your response does give me some pointers. Thanks for that. 

It appears that we are good on most counts: 

1) We have free shipping. No surprise additions.

2) Taxes are already included in the pricing. No surprises there too. 

3) We are using PayPal which is known brand and is secure as well. 

4) Guest check out is available. I can't say that it is intuitive yet. 

5) We can't do anything if they are simply window shopping. Well we can pray that they arent :) 

6) Since we provide free shipping world over, they don't have options at all. 

There is one thing that I feel is creating issues and you have pointed it out as well. 

1) We have only one payment option. PayPal. Although PayPal allows CC and DC payments from Master VISA and AMEX, it is not intuitive. My guess is that this is a deal breaker. We are working on getting other payment gateways (CCAvenue etc.) on-boarded as well. 

Yes, we are retargetting abandoned cart users through Shopify native feature and MailChimp campaign. Could you please send an email at dealokart@gmail.com. We can discuss about your app. 



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Hey @Vaibhav_K_ 

It shows that your URL is no longer available. However, I'd recommend adding multiple shipping options displaying accurate time frames if you haven't already. I've linked an article below that shows the benefits and goes more in depth. Best of luck!