Why did my online store become inactive after payment?

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i had my shop for the 3 day trial once it ended i payed for the paid plan and when it did my shop when inactive for no reason there was no email, there was no page that told me what happened it just says well be back soon. I also contacted customer service and i got help but they recommended that the experts or something can help better than her so she sent my info to them and i have not gotten a email ever since. Can anyone help? I am really worried about this cause someone just bought in the process of this happening and worried about the person's money going to waste towards nothing. 

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Hi @JordanMuro 


Welcome to the Shopify Community. 


I understand that you recently finished your free 3 day trial, and then attempted to choose a paid plan and add a payment method. to your account However, when you did this the store became inactive, and you are now wondering what you should do as you have some concerns about a customer order. I'd be happy to provide some context here.


Generally when there are some issues with your account, one of our teams will reach out via email to explain what is happening, however I understand that you didn't receive anything from us. From what you have explained though, it sounds like you have already reached out to our support team in relation to this matter - that is the best next step to take in this situation, so well done.


You mentioned that your information was sent over to experts - did the support advisor confirm that your specific matter would need to be sent to one of our internal teams here so that they can assist? If so, then you have done everything required for the moment and will simply need to allow the team some time so they can process your request and revert back via email with an update.


I understand that having to wait is not ideal, and that you would like to get back to your store as soon as possible. Our team understands this also and will be working as fast as possible to resolve this. If you have any further information to add, you can reply back to your support ticket email and the team will receive it. 


I trust that this will help to clarify the situation, but please let me know if there's anything else I can assist with. 


Rick | Shopify 
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