Why does Google show a typo in my store name when searching?

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Hello there, we have everything else pretty smooth with our store, but I have no typos in my site on Shopify but. if you search the store on google. they have a typo with the word coin on the search engine. 

even though there is no typo in the site or even the search for each product placed on the site. 

i.e., search  MyCoinReserve and on google it says my coim reserve?  

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Good question! That seems to be your homepage title.


I would first check under Online store > Preferences and double check your home page page title is set correctly.

The other thing I would suggest would be to ensure that you aren't using any SEO apps that are conflicting. The apps may override what you have set in the admin, and may be forcing Google to use the page titles and meta descriptions of the app instead.

On that note too, if you previously used an SEO app, there may still be some residual code in your theme that is preventing Google from seeing your actual assigned SEO data in the admin.

Once all that is done, then it'll be wise to resubmit your sitemap or the URL so Google sees the change a bit faster. 🙂

If you wanted some extra help with that kind of thing, HeyCally has a few options available!

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