Why does my website look like this after making it live? It looks fine in my "customize" section.

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Does anyone have any clue on why the shop would look like this once the password it removed?

Screenshot of my "customize" section to show what it looks like to me when adjusting it.



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I wanted to let you know that without the screenshot, it's a bit challenging to pinpoint the exact issue you're encountering with your shop after the password is removed. But I've taken a peek at your website, www.athenasrevival.com, and I must say, it looks fantastic! The layout is clean, and the visuals are very appealing.


If there's still an issue on your side, please provide us with a bit more detail on what you're experiencing. A detailed description or a new attempt at uploading a screenshot would be very helpful. This way, the community can offer more targeted advice to get everything looking just right for you.


Cheers to your beautifully designed website!


Best wishes,


Lee G

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Hi, I dont cant see the screenshot but i wanted to tell you that i didnt found your policys like refund policy or privacy policy. You gonna get in trouble when you dont fix that. Hope i could help - Good luck! 🌼🤞🏻