Why is my buy button not working on my new fitness website?

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hey community I had a question I made my Shopify account 4 days ago. and its been good well. The only problem is visitors who come to the site (everyday fitness.online) and try to buy something the buy button stalls, and it can't let anyone checkout i have tried multiple videos and none help any tips?


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Hi @Mactheeloner 


Sure, here are some things you can try to fix it:

  1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Sometimes, these can mess with website functions.

  2. Check if any third-party apps you've installed might be causing conflicts. You can try disabling them temporarily to see if that helps.

  3. Take a look at your theme settings, especially those related to checkout and buttons. Make sure everything's set up correctly and there are no conflicts.

  4. Test your store on different devices and browsers. Sometimes, issues are specific to certain setups.

  5. If none of that works, get in touch with Shopify support. They should be able to help you troubleshoot the problem further.

Hopefully, one of these steps will solve the issue and get your buy button working smoothly again!


All the best,

Mark Pindar