Why is my new online store not getting traffic or sales?

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Hey everyone, I launched my Shopify store just over a month ago and have been greatly struggling with getting organic traffic, and have not make any sales since have launched can somebody help me?

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Hello @margjimin,


This is Gina from flareAI app.


Can you drop your store URL?

Here are some tips that might help you increase your organic traffic and make your Shopify store more successful:

1. Proper SEO
Optimize your website for search engines so that it ranks higher in search results, which can help increase visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

2. Improve your website's loading speed
A slow website can hurt your search engine ranking and drive potential customers away. Use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom to test your website's loading speed and make improvements where necessary.

3. Share your products on social media
Share your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a wider audience.

4. Engage with your customers
Respond to customer inquiries and comments in a timely and professional manner. This can help build trust and establish your store as a reliable source of products.

5. Utilize email marketing
Email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching potential customers and encouraging repeat business. Consider sending out a monthly newsletter or promotional emails to your subscribers.

6. Offer promotions and discounts
Offering promotions and discounts can be a great way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business. Consider running a sale or offering a discount code to your email subscribers.

7. Collaborate with influencers and bloggers
Reach out to influencers and bloggers in your niche to see if they would be interested in promoting your products.

8. Track your results
Use tools like Google Analytics to track your website's traffic, conversions, and sales. This can help you see what's working and what's not, and make adjustments accordingly.

9. Add backlinks
Backlinks are links on websites other than your own that go back to a page on your website. They represent another website's traffic coming to your own site. Backlinks are important for SEO because they signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it within its own content.

10. Submit your site to Google
Make sure to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. This gives Google a nudge to speed up the indexing of your website.

11. Add blogs
Blogging is a great technique to increase the traffic and ranking of your website. If you blog consistently with high-quality content over a long period, your site will rank higher for specific keywords or topics.

Implementing these tips and continuously testing and adjusting your approach can help you build a successful e-commerce business over time.


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Hello there @margjimin since you didn’t share your store URL, here are a couple general suggestions on how your store could be improved.

1) There should be a FAQ page. This would help provide a solution to the curiosities that customers would most likely have as they scroll through your store.

2) You should consider the technique of bundling products together to boost sales. This allows you to join two products you think flow well together and offer them for sale at one joint price, this seems to catch the attention of customers when done in the right way. To bundle products together to an optimal level of success, I suggest employing the use of the Bundler- Product Bundles App to help with the task. This app is basically the best tool you could have in terms of creating new bundles and working on some already created. You could install and use the app for free here https://apps.shopify.com/bundler-product-bundles 

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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