Why is my online pet store's conversion score so low?

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My store  Hello Shopify community. I launch my website in February and I sell Pets products. I change a lot of things over time but results are the same: lot of traffic and a few sale! I don’t understand why…. Please someone can help me understand why I can’t convert my traffic in to customers please?  Hope so someone will give me some good advice. Thank you so much and have a very good day All 👋

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You must optimize your ads, run some remarketing campaigns, compare price of your products with your competitors...

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Hi @Ann33 ,

I'm Garcia from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. From my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as hereby:


1. Change hero banner

The banner will create the very first impression on your visitor as it is the first thing customers see when they visit your website. It’s great when your current hero banners can describe exactly what you're selling in 5 seconds first. 

But please recheck the image quality and its sizes to make sure they are clear to be seen on any devices, especially small screen ones.



2. Increase spacing among different sections

This makes the content more readable and your store outlook more professional.


3. Create an even layout

As you can see in my screenshot below, the text block and the image are not well aligned together. I believe that your store would be more aesthetic if you can both make the images full width and increase the height of the text block. 

That’s what I call a chessboard layout!


4. Have social feed

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, you need to get creative. Social feed walls are a great way to do that. They’re fun, eye-catching and visually interesting.


5. Get prepared for special events

As the holiday season approaches, and with many businesses already gearing up for festivities like Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) and Halloween, let's take a look at these expert insights to further enhance your holiday preparations. 

  • Holiday-themed landing pages: These pages can highlight exclusive deals and provide a cohesive holiday experience for visitors.
  • Holiday specials and offers: Offer exclusive holiday promotions, discounts, or special deals to entice customers. Highlight these offers prominently on your website to catch the attention of potential buyers.
  • Email marketing campaigns: Send out targeted email campaigns with personalized offers and reminders about your holiday promotions. Keep your subscribers updated with relevant content and exclusive deals. Let's start this campaign soon as if collecting emails is delayed, the holiday campaign might not reach a wide audience.



And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.



Garcia | PageFly Team

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