Why is my three-month-old online store not generating sales?

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Thank you for being here ,  my store is almost three months old now. I have only had two individual sales of which one I did for a customer:  I have handmade: printify and other affiliate products.  Over 200 I believe:  it’s linked to 8 other selling platforms:  I am just not sure if it’s the store layout:  something turned off ?     Thank you all for your help :   https://97a758-3.myshopify.com/

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Your store URL please?

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It is probably the design partially, it needs to be improved in my opinion.

Here are some suggestions:
- There seems to really only be one page in the store, it'd be best to have at least one other page such as "About Us" explaining your brand and products to potential customers


-There is also no menu in the store to navigate pages or product types


-Get a custom domain for your store, the random string of numbers before my.shopify will make many customers suspicious


-If your brand has a name you should develop a logo, even if it's just the current image with text below it


-Products should have unique descriptions, many look like generic printify details with no other info, also make sure your prices are competitive for similar products


-You could add "quick add" buttons to the products on your homepage


-Add some color to the stores color scheme


Overall the stores design could use some work, I would recommend hiring an expert to help with this. You can also check these stores out for inspiration.

Feel free to reach out for more help with your store.


Hope that helps!

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I'm Garcia, an CRO expert from PageFly, a Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. I like your products, they are at reasonable prices. However, there is room for improvement and I hope they help you.


1. Overall

- Add favicon: A favicon featuring your logo or a unique symbol helps reinforce your brand identity. It creates a consistent visual connection between your website and your brand, making it more memorable.


- Consider restructuring the site: While I understand your desire to create a simple, one-page Amazon-style website, it's important to note that displaying all products on the homepage can be overwhelming for users, particularly that you have a diverse range of products. This approach might hinder customers in their quest to find precisely what they're looking for. Additionally, it appears that this layout is not popular among Shopify site



2. Add more sections on homepage

- A hero banner: You can use the hero banner to convey a key message or highlight a special offer or promotion. This is an effective way to communicate your most important information quickly and prominently.


- Reorganizing products: By grouping similar collections into slideshows to create a cleaner look. Additionally, consider showcasing some featured products within each collection to provide a clearer understanding for visitors.

- Benefit section: Your benefits section allows you to emphasize your unique value proposition, showcasing why customers should choose your product or service over others in the market.


3. Reduce the text on product detail section

To enhance clarity and readability, the product description should be structured into well-defined categories. Categories such as 'Dimensions,' 'Quality Materials,' and 'About This Item' can effectively organize the content, making it more user-friendly and informative.



You can consider to use pop-up content or accordion style to reduce the texts are showing 

4. Make use of Valentine sale

- Countdown timer: This can be particularly effective for limited-time offers, Valentine sales events, or when highlighting the scarcity of a product.

- Product promotion or giveaway: Offer a special promotion or a giveaway on a popular item. This could be a contest where the prize is a romantic dinner for two or a coveted product that fits the Valentine's theme.



Hope it can help you boost conversion rate.

Garcia| PageFly team



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