Why is my website not converting visitors into sales?

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I get a lot of visitors because I am advertising via Facebook and Instagram. I get 50-90 a day and no sales. I have had about 5 sales in 3 months. Can you please evaluate my site? www.theinvisiblebeecandleco.com

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Hello @Invisiblebee,

I'm Gina - Product Manager at flareAI. flareAI has helped Shopify stores generating $5 million in sales from Google Search, on autopilot.

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I've taken a look at your store and found there are quite a few things which if added can increase sales.

1. Add favicon to help visitors locate your page easier when they have multiple tabs open. Also it will add overall branding consistency and their absence might be seen as unprofessional.
2. Add more detailed product description in product pages. The product description should provide visitors with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they are motivated to buy.

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3. Display store's contact info like phone number, email address, and office address in the Contact Us page.
4. Testimonials are a good way to increase the trust and will influence the purchasing decision. Also, provide the customers' full name, and profile photo of them to add authenticity and credibility.
5. Create a Facebook account for your store. Having a Facebook Store is a great way to grow your business, allowing you to tap into new audiences and gain more customers.
6. A FAQ would be useful to provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision and also to reduce the time your employees need to answer simple questions.
7. Add About Us page which is a reflection of the purpose and personality of the business.
8. Add average ratings for each product
Including both user rating and number of ratings on the products will help users to make decision whether to buy your product or not.
9. Add sticky header
Adding sticky header allow users to quickly access the navigation, search, and utility-navigation elements without scrolling up to the top of the page. They increase the discoverability of the elements in the header and the chance that users will take advantage of them.
10. Use blogging
Blogging is a great technique to increase the traffic and ranking of your website. If you blog consistently with high-quality content over a long period, your site will rank higher for specific keywords or topics.
11. Add data policies (Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Refund Policy) to your store which helps set expectations with your website visitors. They'll know the types of data you're collecting, why you're collecting, protects the seller from bad customers and ensures that buyers know exactly what to expect when they order a product.

You will get more organic sales when your products are found on free sales channels like Google Search. flareAI does stuff for you saving you time & expense. flareAI works every day for you, tapping into Google Search and 20+ of world's best & biggest free sales channels.

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Hey @Invisiblebee 


I had a quick look at your website and it looks very nice! I suggest changing your marketing strategy, focusing on an older age group and maybe trying tiktok ads. Though Facebook and Instagram are great ways to market nowadays. 

Samuel, Director of Mezla.

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Hello there 


-your logo is a bit too big and takes up alot of room 

-have a logo  thats transparent  png 

-7 reasons   why can be  laid out a  bit differently and not  set as a image 

-the fonts are all over the place 


hope this  helps