Why is the newest update causing issues with search and inventory management?

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I just wanted to share that almost every feature of the new update is horrible. 

1. when you go to search for transfers and you are looking someones name, a product name, a vendor or anything really under it comes up with so many other things that are not related. Example: if I search "dash and Albert", which is a vendor, under the transfers, I get about 50+ other vendors.  

2. The new feature where you have to click the right side magnifying glass to search something, this adds an unnecessary step. 

3. the pending/draft feature under transfers is so unnecessary.  you have to mark it as pending to see that you have incoming. 

4. when you generate new barcodes sometimes it duplicates barcodes. which is really annoying when checking a customer out or doing inventory. 

5. Product: when changing that quantity you have to hit save on the small box that pops up for the quantity but any other changes you have to save at the top right.  just let us save all at once. 

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It sounds like the update has caused some issues for you. It may be best to reach out to the support team or the developers of the software to bring these specific problems to their attention. They may be able to help address your concerns and improve the functionality of the software

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