Why there are so many scam dryfruits websites are there

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I have bought dryfruits from this shopify store that is scam i just want to know why so many fake scam websites are there i have been scammed by this website https://georgianuts.myshopify.com/o/cf66c3ec595add2c14a5d7400701cbb2/a/441ce65d4a55a32042b6ad2b5d2a6...


This is scammed and my 1161 rs has been taken from my account I have raised police complaint now this website not exists ...now they are running with diffrent name

 https://sillydryfruits.myshopify.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw36GjBhAkEiwAKwIWybFL-PlHlFZlnLeZSqWnwFv-hOQxkIwi... please do some against this scammer from police i got to know this account is in the name of Sai enterprise 2 they all ar3a scammers and down the reputation of MyShopify

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