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Will my Anti-Corona Technology shop make a positive impact in Covid19 struggle: any ideas

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I just finished building my dropshipping shopify store in a very actual niche of Covid19 desinfection equipment. I  think it can have a social impact in shaping new behavior  in transportation, home, barbers, dentists and other public places where it is possible to use Anti-Virus technnology. I would  like to hear opinions and ideas. 

THank you for advice. And please feel free to email me at

The site preview is in  the link below:

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Nobraa, your medical wholesaler from masks to gloves

Nobraa is your medical wholesaler. Whether you are a doctor or a therapist, work for a hospital or the government or just want to order as a private person, Nobraa delivers.

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All our medical articles are supplied from stocks in the Netherlands and the United States. Our range, consisting of protective equipment, medical instruments, Covid 19 rapid tests and various types of mouth masks are therefore always available in large numbers