Would greatly appreciate feedback on my store, Sweet Kissies Boutique

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Hi all, this is Cassie, I started my shop, SWEET KISSIES BOUTIQUE, almost a year ago and I am struggling to get traffic/sales. I worked on the marketing, the seo, on what keywords to use, but have yet to get much interest in my products. If you get a chance please comment on the website's images, ease of navigation, or even if my product is appealing or not. Anyway, I would love to hear some constructive criticism. 



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Hey Cassie (@sweetcassie),

Sorry to hear that your traffic and sales aren't where you had hoped. I've taken a look through your store, hopefully my feedback will provide some insight as to what is going on. 


That main banner area is prime real estate for selling.  One of the keys of selling is getting inside your customers head, what problem do they have that you can solve? Or what is it that they desire that you provide? Use words or phrases that they do to show that you understand their needs. We recommend using this type of text in your banner. For the format, we recommend having a professional photo of your products, a title introducing your brand or product, a line of text underneath that expands on your title and a call to action button such as "Shop Now". Here is an example:


As you know, clothing can be purchased offline in hundreds retail stores as well as online through thousands and thousands of online stores. When a person is searching for a denim jacket or a dress in Google, big companies with massive marketing budgets are who is showing up in search results and who you are competing with for customers.

Now, a person can complete IF they give people a reason to purchase from them vs. the other guys. An example of this might be someone who sells locally, their "reason" as to why you should purchase from them vs the other guy is because they are local and a lot of people are passionate about shopping local. In addition to this, they can also get products to their customers faster and can offer incentives such as free local delivery.

I would think about all your "whys" and what sets you apart and use that in your marketing and in the text in your store.


I noticed a lot of things vying for my attention upon landing. You have the subscribe pop up, the Facebook pop up and then when you click the menu you have the Facebook messenger icon as well as the reviews tab that are blocking some of the text. When the person first lands we don't want to present them with several moving, bright colored things that say "do this! click this! " Instead you want to think, okay, what are my top three priorities for this visit? For example, it might be: 1. Make a sale 2. Get a newsletter sign up 3. Have them follow me on social media.

When you are contemplating adding apps things to your website, ask yourself, does this help achieve one of these goals or does it distract from one of these goals? The next step is strategically presenting them at the right time, on the right page. I don't recommend doing it immediately upon landing because at this point the visitor hasn't even had a chance to look at your products before you are asking them to chat with you on Facebook and sign up for your newsletter.



I’ve noticed a number of photos behind your page titles and descriptions are blurry. This happens when you use an image that is too small for the given space. It will get stretched out to fill the area but when it does that you lose image quality and get that blurry/pixelated look. I’d recommend replacing your photos with better, high quality ones. 

Make your "Add to Cart" buttons stand out more. Right now it currently fades into the background when it should be the #1 standing out. In it's current state, "Add to Wishlist" stand out more than the add to cart button.


I would recommend simplifying your navigation. Instead of having "Elevated Knits" or "Occasion", keep it simple and have Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, etc. You can always have sub filters, ie for Dresses have Gowns, Cocktail Dresses and etc. but just make it really easy for your visitor to find exactly what they are looking for. You've built the website so you know where things are but for the visitor, I think it is difficult to find things.

Moving onto your products, you have them named things like “Meghan Jersey Dress” and “Roxana T-Shirt Dress” and the issue with this is that anyone trying to find a product like yours in Google is not going to type “Meghan Jersey Dress” or “Roxana T-Shirt Dress” into Google, they would likely search something like “grey sleeveless bodycon dress” so it’s very important that when you are writing your product titles and description that you keep your SEO in mind so that you are showing up in search results. We have a video where we teach you how to do your SEO that I will leave linked here:

For you, I’d recommend creating videos to market your products. You can do short 30 second to 1 minute videos for TikTok, IG Reels, Facebook. You can also do longer videos and post them on YouTube or Facebook. As for the platforms, right now I personally suggest TikTok & YouTube. You are going to grow way faster on TikTok right now than you could on IG Reels or Facebook.
It has the potential to be a double fold success for you because not only can you earn on the platforms themselves (ie. with YouTube you can get adsense, add affiliate links and do brand deals) but also you are driving traffic to your store and selling there as well. A good example of this in action is the Detail Geek. He has a service based vehicle detailing business and creates YouTube videos of himself detailing vehicles. He will mention products he is using and drive traffic to his online store AND he also earns adsense money by allowing YouTube to place ads in his videos.
I think this could be great for you, hope you give it a go!

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like to talk to us 1-1, we offer sessions where we take a look at your store, identify the greatest issues holding you back, then provide solutions and advice. If you would like to book a session, you can do so here: https://calendly.com/ecomgeeks/1-1-session

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up and/or marking it as a solution!

Best of luck!

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OMG what incredible advice! Thanks so much for the feedback and I am going to get on your recommendations immediately. And yes, I have tons more questions that your solutions brought up (blurry pictures???) so I would very much like to get in touch 1 on 1 to discuss further.

By the way, it's true that my products have names as titles instead of a descriptive title, HOWEVER, I edit that info on the SEO edit option on my product page. So instead of it saying KALI ROMPER on GOOGLE, it states Women's Stylish Loose-Fit Red Knit Romper. Is that better? 

Search engine listing preview
Edit website SEO

Women's Stylish Loose Fit Red Knit Romper | SWEET KISSIES BOUTIQUE


Featuring our exclusive ruched ring detail,  puff sleeves, and wide flared legs with an uneven hem, our  stylish women's romper is cut in a super comfy crepe knit that you'll want to sleep in! Short and sweet, sexy and demure, this playful romper has it all. V-neck Puff Sleeves Concealed back zip Wide fl…



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Hey there, @sweetcassie!  

It’s frustrating when you put all of that time and effort into making your website the best it can be only to then have it fall flat with visitors. Your hard work shows in your store! 

You mentioned a lot of great aspects, like marketing and SEO, but you’re missing a huge component - your visitor behavior. When you use heatmaps (to see where people click or scroll) and session recordings (to watch what happened during a visit) to diagnose your issues. 

If I could sum up what I found, it’s to simplify. You have too much going on, from the announcement bar to the homepage to the pop-ups. It becomes a distraction that may scare away visitors.

Going in a little further... 

Avoid over-announcing

When someone first comes to your website, they see your chat pop-up, a newsletter subscription form pop-up, and three announcement bars. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff going on for a new visitor! 

  • Avoid a chat that launches so quickly. They don’t know what you’re selling yet, so let them have some time to browse.and contact you if necessary. Use a chat invite to trigger that chat to display at the right time.
  • The same goes with your newsletter subscription. Why does a first-time visitor WANT more sweet kisses? Remember that they aren’t convinced to buy from you yet; you need to give them more time. Trigger this pop-up when they are engaging with your products.
  • For your announcement bar, focus on one message. Test out free shipping with a LINKED announcement bar. The rest of them can be removed. 

Use the hero image wisely

Use one image rather than multiple. Add a call to action and an enticing message. Basically, simplify. If you show a specific item, link to that item. 

Optimize your homepage

Use click and scroll heatmaps to analyze your homepage. What are people seeing? What are people not seeing? Where are they clicking? Where are they not clicking?

My initial thought is that you need to highlight collections rather than products. Maybe something as simple as shoes, dresses, denim, etc. Keep it simple.

Clean up your navigation

Your navigation looks nice, but it gets really messy really fast. I would spend some time watching session recordings to see how people move around your site and what they seem to be interested in. You could even run a survey asking for opinions on upcoming products. 

The problem with the navigation is that it doesn’t ease up confusion. I realize I’m not your target audience, but things like Elevated Knits, Occasion, Bandage Capsule, MTM, etc. don’t tell me much if anything.

Maximize your product pages

Don’t provide options for things that don’t change. For example, on the Cara cropped jacket product page, you have options for color (though there’s only one) and material (again, only one option). Keep it simple. Also, link to the size chart. 

Your CTAs are overwhelming. I would have the Add to Cart button be a solid color rather than white because it blends in. Yes, it changes to gray if I hover over it. However, if I don’t hover over it, it blends in.

I would also suggest removing the “Buy with Amazon Pay” button and the “More payment options.” It seems counterintuitive, but this is when that visitor behavior comes into play. Do visitors WANT to buy it with Amazon Pay, or is that something that isn’t a deciding factor of the buying process?

Clean up the footer

I would remove your “About the brand.” It’s not something that adds value to a sale. Instead, add contact information like your email address and phone number. The newsletter subscription needs to be updated to look more professional. 

Comb through your policy pages

  • Link your email address (e.g, FAQs, Contact)
  • Remove the phone number field from your contact page and move it ABOVE the mini-FAQ. 
  • Remove the “Share your review” page. Where does it go? Add a review request to your post-purchase emails rather than in the footer.

I know this sounds like a lot, but you’re on the right track. You need to be proud of how far you’ve come. Use visitor behavior to drive those next changes that result in more conversions because you can visually see what stopped someone from checking out.  Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Great insight and great advice. I will definitely get to work on all of your suggestions. And your offer sounds great too, I can clearly use your help!

Thanks again, and I will be in touch!

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Thanks, I'll for the tip! I'll check out the you tube video too. Thanks for helping!!

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Hey @sweetcassie,

Awesome, glad you found the feedback helpful!

To clarify, what I mean by blurry images was when you click on any of your product categories you have an image with a title and description:


The photos behind that text are for the most part blurry or appear to be of lower quality. If you need high quality (free) stock photos, my favorite website to use is https://www.pexels.com/

Regarding your SEO, yes that would be much better. You just want to make sure you are using relevant keyword that being searched. If you start with what the product is and type it into Google ie. "Red Romper" it will automatically populate your dropdown with keywords that are being searched.


Something like "long sleeve red romper" or "red romper dress" would be relevant to the product you are selling. You wouldn't leave it at "Red Romper Dress" though, you would expand it to read "Flowy Red Romper Dress for Women"

I will leave it at that for now but if you would like to talk 1-1, you can book a session here: https://calendly.com/ecomgeeks/1-1-session/

Sincerely wish you all the best, take care!

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