Would Like Some Feedback On My "Superstore" ElectronicsLA

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hello and welcome,

the website in question is : ElectronicsLA.com -

we specialize in aftermarket replacement parts and we stock a lot of products IN HOUSE - no drop shipping at all.

I would like a full audit of the site, with tips and solutions to increase conversions and lower bounce rate.

the website speed is extremely fast and it is optimized for proper engagement of the site with no loading issues. 

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@ElectronicsLA I have a couple ideas to contribute:

1) I like @MaxxyDee 's recommendation about focusing on a good funnel and setting up remarketing (if you haven't yet). Remarketing rules! I would definitely do that for an easy way to improve conversion rate without adjusting your site design.

2) I would invest some effort into upgrading your branding. I like that you put the About page link in the header, but on the about page I think you could inject a lot more personality there to try and make an emotional connection with the customer.


- add pictures for sure

- don't use caps locks for descriptive text, it's harder to read and makes it feel like you're yelling 😅

- I like the part about "having everything under 1 roof... deliver quality" part. That's sounds like a competitive advantage to me, so maybe create a nice video showing inside the facility and why people can trust that you do better quality because of this.

3) There's a glitch (at least for me, viewing in Chrome) where hovering links doesn't change to the pointer, it stays as a cursor. This is uncommon behavior for website usability and may through people off or make them feel somethings wrong.

4) For a more in depth audit, I have 2 ideas:
- a) You can reach out to an agency / freelancer that specializes in conversion rate optimization. Those guys can provide valuable insights, the thing you want to look for is case studies showing improvements over time. Look for something like "ecommerce conversion rate optimization expert" or search for articles about improving CRO on Shopify.
- b) If you're looking for a more general technical audit with some CRO advice sprinkled in as a starting point, my team has a Conversion Analysis service (https://speedboostr.com/services).
- c) If you're looking for some quick CRO tips that you can apply to your store, I wrote a guide based on 20 tactics that have worked for me personally over the years: https://speedboostr.com/conversion-rate-optimization-guide.

5) Get feedback from your users, this is the best data. You can use an app like hotjar.com to set up polls where you collect data. This is good for asking things like "were you able to find what you were looking for?", "what do you think about the price of X", etc.

6) Work with a professional marketer to get your audience and traffic dialed in, and help find the best channel(s) to find your target customers efficiently. 

Good luck, hope you're able to increase conversions. 👍


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Hello @ElectronicsLA, I hope you are doing well! the store looks good. Here are some suggestions that you can work on:

To reduce the bounce rate you need to make your store engaging. Add customer engagement tools like a loyalty rewards program, web push notifications, and others. If a customer leaves your store, send them a price drop alert notification with the help of a web push notification. Web push notification helps to bring back customers to your store and helps in reducing the bounce rate. You can send updates and abandoned cart push notifications to bring customers to your store.

- Make sure you are using email marketing automation to reach your customers. Use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action.

- Make sure to enable automatic workflow emails/push for abandoned cart, win back old customers, welcome email, purchase follow-up, or browse abandoned customers.


If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to try out the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps!

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