Would love some feedback on my new site!

Would love some feedback on my new site!

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Hi everyone!


I just had to soft launch my site because I let my Squarespace subscription expire.

The site still need some work, and a lot more product but that will happen soon.

I'm a ceramicist so working on a shop update with lots of new photos etc.

Would just love some feedback on how you like the look of it and how it loads on your end.


Here's my site https://www.ekuaceramics.com/


Thank you!

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I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!


I am San from MS Web Designer

Thank you for sharing your store URL. This allowed me to go through your site.

You have a beautiful website but very basic too. I believe a few adjustments may be required to make it more professional and appealing to customers.


Here are some recommendations:

1. Announcement bar Missing for Special announcement or promotion 

2.Favicon missing
3. Social media Icon missing

Homepage: (First Impression is the last impression)

The homepage is the first landing page your customers will see after opening the website. Home page should be more attractive and include various promotions and offers.
1. Add featured products on the home page.

2.Add Meta Description for all Products.

3.Add sticky add to cart button on home page collection features.
4. Add a Lead magnet section on Home Page.
5.If Possible, add Instagram feed on the home page.

6.Add customer reviews on the home page to gain the trust of the customer.

7.Highlight the USP of your product or service.


Collection and Product Page:
- Add Product Review on Collection Pages
- Add Sticky add to Cart and Buy now Button for quick checkout
- Add Trust Badges below add to cart or Buy now Button 

- Add Product Badges like New, 10% Off, You Save 20$ or Free Shipping.


I hope this helped!


Please feel free to contact us for any further help that you might require.

Best regards,


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Hi @sarat86 


Thanks for reaching out to the community. This is MooseDesk - Helpdesk/FAQ page builder app. 


First of all, congratulations on your store! It's look neat, however still quite basic. Here are some comments to make it better


1. Home page

- Add hero image

- Add more sections showcase your capabilities: featured products, product lists, review, testimonial about us, benefit section, unique selling point section, ...

- Add favicon 


2. Product page and product list page

The product page has low contrast with the text color, making it difficult to read. I suggest changing the background to a color with better contrast.




The product list appears unclear when only colors are shown for the product images. I suggest displaying the same product in different colors for each option so customers can better understand the choices.




3. Some improvements


There are a couple of crucial elements missing from your website:


  • FAQ Page: An FAQ page is essential for explaining frequently asked questions regarding your services, pricing, and collaboration process. This is especially important for a financial service provider.

  • Ticket Widget: Some potential customers might want to send a ticket before scheduling a meeting. A support widget to receive and respond to tickets is essential, as customers in this field often want to explore all their options before committing.

MooseDesk_4-1718943110576.png MooseDesk_2-1719125273306.png MooseDesk_3-1719125273276.png


If you're looking for solutions to implement these suggestions, you can try MooseDesk - Helpdesk and FAQ builder app. We offer a robust helpdesk ticket system (with Live Chat coming soon) and an easy tool to build an FAQ page in just 5 minutes.




So those are some of my suggestions for your store as an UX expert. If this is helpful for you, please let me know by giving me a 'LIKE'. If your question is answered please mark this as 'SOLUTION’.


Once again, congratulations on creating such an inviting online store! Keep up the fantastic work, and I wish you the best of luck in the future 






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Hi @sarat86 ,


I'm Garcia from PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. 

Generally, I love your store’s design, it looks classic but professional. I see your concern are from your product page, so from my CRO expertise, I’d love to give you my suggestions as follows:



Your homepage is missing a lot of crucial information and sections. As the face of your store, you should invest more in it. Here are some essential sections to consider adding to your store:

👉🏻 Announcement bar

The announcement bar is a simple yet effective page. To help combat fast bounces, quickly and succinctly communicate an element of social proof or a brand differentiator to grab your customer’s attention. 


👉🏻 Hero Banner

Layout your hero banner with an image, heading, paragraph, and a button. The CTA must be in a highlighted position and have clear content. The CTA copy should encourage users to try out something, rather than just shop. Investing in bespoke imagery and design for the homepage that engages users and shows products in appealing lifestyle contexts is crucial. High-quality photography on homepages creates a positive tone and a good first impression, and inspirational product images to draw attention and represent product categories visually. However, be cautious if considering highly stylized, unconventional designs. You can check out some ideas with our templates: https://pagefly.io/pages/templates.

Below, I see you have social media icons, but it seems like the instagram icon is not working right now. You might want to double check it.


And here are other sections that you can add more to your homepage, usually all pages have these sections since it will help you improve your conversion rate. 

👉🏻 Shop by Categories (Collection List) : Always have a heading for this section. Customers will be much more likely to find what appeals to their needs in a quick skim, leading them to click, view, and buy.

👉🏻 Our Best Sellers (Product List): Consider removing product quantity. Feature 1-2 products with badges to showcase that badges are available, such as a Sale badge. Add a "View all" CTA button, and ensure the Add to Cart button text is not simply "Shop Now." Include the review number after the product name.

👉🏻 About Us Section: This section should be more specific about the product. Appeal to humanistic shoppers who will seek out who is behind the product and why they should buy from you.

👉🏻 Testimonial with Products/Customers: Your product may be great, but new customers need evidence of this from real customers. Appeal to story and emotion early by nurturing customers with peer reviews on the homepage. Diversify your social proof later on with testimonials from doctors, industry leaders, and experts.

Also, I see you have an email box at the end, but it will be better if you can improve content. Instead of “Subscribe to our emails”, you can use impactful phrases like "up to 20% discount" to encourage sign-ups.



📌Product page

To improve your product pages and boost conversions, start with high-quality, authentic photos of your products. Your product images look creative, however, you can show multiple angles and include context shots that display the products in use. This helps customers get a clear and relatable view of what they're buying, making them more likely to trust and purchase the product.


Next, add a customer reviews section for your product page. Displaying aggregated star ratings and detailed feedback prominently. Also, make sure to include the reviewer's name, date, and any additional helpful information. This builds trust and gives potential buyers confidence from seeing positive experiences shared by others.


Creating a sense of urgency can significantly impact your sales. Add a countdown timer for special offers or next-day delivery options to create a sense of urgency. This encourages customers to act quickly and take advantage of limited-time deals, driving more immediate purchases.


Lastly, make sure your Add to cart buttons are highlighted. Increase their size to make them more noticeable and easier to interact with. Larger buttons and fields simplify the buying process, reducing friction and making it easier for customers to complete their purchases.


Overall, your page looks creative, but to attract more organic traffic, you need to invest in building your brand identity and SEO. Additionally, it's important to have a marketing plan to distribute your page to a wider audience.

By focusing on these areas, you can significantly enhance your store’s user experience and drive more conversions. I hope you find these tips helpful for your Shopify store. Let’s continue to support each other in optimizing our stores!

And that's my feedback! Hope it helps you boost the conversion rate.



Garcia | PageFly Team

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