Yes, another request for store feedback...

Yes, another request for store feedback...

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Hello everybody,


I have been reading through a number of other posts and it seems that my story is not a new one by any means. Hopefully some kind people are willing to help out anyway.


So I have set up and launched a dropshipping store in the Home Decor niche. It has been live for about a week. Through a combination of making social media posts for my store, as well as some paid Google and tiktok ads, I have driven what I consider to be a good amount of traffic to my store. (Admittedly I have no real experience or reference point to be sure if it is alot or a little, it is just more than I expected)


Yesterday I had over 700 store sessions, totaling about 1800 total sessions since opening about 6 days ago. Despite these visitors, I have yet to have any sales or even an add to cart. Based on the analytics from shopify and Google, it looks like only a handful of people even clicked off the home page. Now my question is of course, what can I do to help convert these visitors? And is this a reasonable amount if visitors to be able to start converting? Or am I just way to early in the process to start seeing any results?


I keep thinking to myself that maybe I'm just getting anxious and the reality is I just need to be patient. While I'm sure there is a good amount of that needed to succeed here, I though I could hedge my bets by l9oking fir some perspective from some more experience persons, hence this post.


Based on what I have been reading I have made the following list of priorities to improve and start converting.


Products - I have up until now dedicated the majority of my time to website completion, and generating traffic. While I have gone through all my products and set up basic product descriptions and images, I have a pretty bare bones set of products on offer right now. I will prioritize adding a few more products to my site, and pick a few that I think have the most potential to focus more on. Maybe even linking ads directly to product pages instead of my homepage. I also can vastly improve product description and images.


Home page additions - adding an announcment bar at the top of the page to show discounts or a Fomo countdown of some sort may help get people to consider buying. Maybe adding specific products or best selling products to the home page in some way, making it easier for customers to locate them and reduce the number of clicks needed to buy. On that same note, as stated above, linking directly to product pages in ads.


Paid ad - I am all for paying a little money ti get customers, but I am still very new to this. Maybe i need to change my ads to focus on specific products, or I am not targeting the right people or keywords and getting low quality clicks from people with no intention of buying. Ads will be an ongoing process through the life of the store I imagine so I am a bit less concerned with getting this fixed asap considering the traffic I am currently getting I would rather focus on converting the people already coming.


So those are my ideas so far. Hopefully someone here can take a look and let me know if im on the right track here, or if there are any other ideas I can try. 


I look forward to your feedback and to making adjustments as needed. With your help I'm sure my first sale is right around the corner!



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Hi! I am no expert in this and quite new myself but I’m giving my opinion as how a customer would think. Take my advice with a pinch of salt because I could be completely wrong.


-the landing page has a lot of writing and it isn’t clear where to easily see products. There is a see all collection button of course but maybe adding a few featured products/products on “sale” would help make them spend more time on your site.


-Is is kind of difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Watching an ad and clicking the link means they either see something they like/want or would expect your type of website to have it, and even though your design is good it might be a bit hard for people to find what they are looking for. Maybe make it easier for people to get to products and group them into broader categories ?


-Since the niche you are in is pretty popular being patient and building your brand is important. You should aim to get around 2000 people on your site a week. (Which you have) and then focus heavily on conversion. You can use Google anaylitics and Hotjar to see what your customers are doing on your site and you can use this to your advantage. I read somewhere that 70% of your budget should be on ads, and make sure your target the right demographic and on the right platform.


I know this isn’t a lot of advice to work with and I’m sorry but I am just a random person who is new aswell. Just wanted to share my opinion to try and help.