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I'm always getting the /challenge (The "I'm not a robot" captcha verification) page when I try to login. This is happening for many of our customers as well. 

I even tried using VPN to ensure it wasn't an issue with my IP but I get the same results.

Why could this happen? Is anyone getting the same results?


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I've had reports from many shops that are also having this issue since last monday. 

I'd submitted a help request to shopify and have not received any response in over a week. 

It appears to happen with all shops that I've tested and all IPs/browsers I've tested with. 

This is a big, big deal for a lot of shops as they're losing a lot of customers not being able to login in a low friction way. 

The patchwork solution is to go to "shopify admin > online store > preferences" and uncheck "Enable Google reCAPTCHA on contact forms".

I know it says "contact forms" but it's also for customer login - I've tested it. 

Disabling the captcha gets rid of the problem but explaining it to all these shops is difficult, cumbersome, and leaves the shops open to the real robots. The real solution needs to come from shopify.