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API For Store??? I Need Help and Don't Know Where To GO!

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I apologize in advance but I have no information and have been searching and talking to customer service.

I create custom products for customers from clothing, hats and etc. I use SS Activewear for the majority of my blank products. They have given me a API number and etc after I told them what I was trying to do.

Basically what I want to do is link their site to mine, so when people come to my shopify site, they see the products offered from SS Activewear without going directly to SS site and seeing prices. I was doing it all manually before, but you can imagine we are talking hundreds of products, with multiple colors per product, multiple sizes and etc. Way too time consuming doing it 1 by 1. I was told there is a way to use something called an API key and my account number from SS to integrate with Shopify to make it all super simple. I wanted to do this also because customers know exactly what is in stock and if it isn't they can easily search for alternatives to have customized.

Speaking with SS they said I would have to reach out to shopify on instructions how to set it up. When I chat with them, they just send a link to API documentation page. I am not super tech savvy so it looks like a bunch of HTML text to me and very confusing. I figured it would be something plug and play, similar to how apps wont from the app store.

Can anyone help me with this? Is this even a thing or am I given the wrong information. Thanks.

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APIs are a way for code to perform actions, or send and receive data.

In this case it sounds like you’re wanting to integrate SS Activewear with Shopify and this will require the help of a developer vs something you can just click a button for. Now that said, I am making some assumptions given I don’t know much about SS Activewear.

Did they give you a public link to the code (or something) for installation or general notes?

It is possible they may give you just some HTML to add into your theme so in that case it’s not an API integration at all but rather theme edits. Let’s see what other info you might be able to provide as that could help give better advice.

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Did you ever find an integration tool? I've been looking for something, too.

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Jason hi! I am actually looking for this same info. I was provided a link after setting up my "website" on their account, and my shopify website is also set up. Looking to integrate. Heres what i found so far but not sure what this all means

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We can help set this up for you so that data flows seamlessly from SS Activewear to Shopify. Email me at




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I also want to know how to solve this problem.