BEST_SELLING sortkey is returning the same results as by CREATED_AT (GraphQL Storefront API)

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I have implemented a Collection page on my client's theme using Shoify's GraphQL Storefront API. On Thursday last week the Best Selling sort option stopped working completely. This was reported by another idividual on this thread: I patched the theme on the day, removing the Best Selling sort option.

The day after, on Friday, it was reported in the thread mentioned above that the Best Selling sort option had started working again. I patched this on a staging theme for my client to investigate and the Best Selling sort option was indeed returning results again, however the results precisely match the results of the CREATED_AT (new to old) sort option. This leads me to believe that, whatever the API issue was, it was resolved incorrectly and is not returning the correct BEST_SELLING results.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

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