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Blogs endpoint graphql doesn't exist in queryRoot?

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Hi there,

Trying to create an app for our online store and thought it'll be good to be able to access blogs as well.

From the docs, there seems to be an endpoint for articles and blogs from queryRoot, but when testing it out on the shopify graphql app it gives me this message "Field 'blogs' doesn't exist on type 'QueryRoot'".

Wondering if there's something I'm completely missing?


Referring to this page for the docs[version]=2020-07



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Hello, the only answer i can give to you is you might use the old API, that may have become depracated(this month a new version got release) or your request is wrong, can you share the schema or your query ?

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Hi Clemon, thanks for replying

I'm currently using the most recent API version (2020-07)

I'm querying through the shopify graphql app just to test if I can call the blogs first before I continue to build that part of my app. (


It's just a simple call to see if I can get anything from it first, but it's giving me a "Field 'blogs' doesn't exist on type 'QueryRoot'"

query {


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Were you able to get it figured this out after all?