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I've built a private app for a client using the Storefront API. This is used at a mobile app for the client's store. This is working ok until we reach the point to complete the payment at the mobile app.

The client would prefer not to use webUrl but to have customer fill in credit card information, then submit this information to the Shopify Card Vault to get the token, then use the mutation to complete the payment. 

I'm not finding a way to achieve this. We don't find any way to request payment processing for the private app. The documentation mentions public apps only.

How can a private mobile app process payments without directing the customer to an URL?

Thanks for your help!


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You can't use a private app and instead need to build a public app unlisted app in order to apply for the Sales Channel access. Having explored this option, my recommendation is don't as it's a massive hassle for no gain.

I would convince the client to use the Web Checkout as it is in their best interests. The Shopify Checkout is ubiquitous and trusted as pretty much everyone has encountered it before. The Web Checkout also has support for more payment methods than what's available when using the Storefront API (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc) which will improve conversion.