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Connect Merchant to Sales Channel App - multiple admins

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We're building a sales channel app and are now dealing with onboarding a new shop after app install. We're following the steps of this official Shopify tutorial: Build a sales channel onboarding and account connection flow 

1st time after install, the shop admin will land on our embedded onboarding page (in shop admin UI) and connect by signing up to our service using the modal form we will present. After completing the signup process they will return to our embedded page and the account connection status will be in connected=true.


Question is: now another shop staff member who has shop admin privileges uses his own browser and navigates to our embedded app page - as he didn't install our app on the shop,  never visited our app nor signed up I assume he will be presented with the onboarding page as if the app wasn't ever connected ? 

Is the account connection step just a fancy name for sign-in/sign-up? And has to be done per Shopify admin user? Or is there something happening behind the scenes (I can't imagine what but asking just in case) that makes our app available now to all shop admins?



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Hi @Shaibt 

When the app is authenticated this is per store vs. per user. 

Vix | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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Hi Vix,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Just to make sure I understand: After install of my app, using my app's embedded onboarding page, a shop admin signs up using my sign up modal (unrelated to Shopify) and is authenticated on his local machine + this authentication is carried over to all browsers of other admins of this shop? 

Meaning that any persisted cookies or storage my app uses for storing access/refresh tokens are duplicated?