Custom Storefront and Shopify Analytics

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My team has been using a custom shopify theme for a few years now and we are looking to step away from that setup and use a larger dev framework (node/next.js) to build a custom shop and integrate the storefront api. We rely heavily on Shopify's analytics when looking into sessions/conversions and so fourth. It looks like orders will be reported fine, but it doesn't look like things like user sessions/locations/source/referrers/abandoned carts/etc... are tracked as normal. Is this true or am I missing an important piece to all this. I'd like to avoid having to entirely commit to something like Google Analytics going forward. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is the best way to get started with a custom site that doesn't quite interrupt its pairing with shopify admin and reporting? If there is anyone running off a custom storefront, I'd be interested to hear the dev stack you are working with and what works well/challenges. I've checked out all the other posts on this topic and haven't had much luck. Thank you!

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