Error "Shop is missing 'reports' feature" on Shopify Plan in Shopify Analytics APIs

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I'm trying to get Shopify analytics data using Embedded App SDK. I have two different stores A and B. A is just a test store for development and not an actual running store . For A I have full access, and for B I have access to Orders, Analytics, Marketing, Discounts, Apps. Store B is on Shopify plan. I have created Custom Apps for both stores from Shopify partner dashboard which are running as expected. When I run Analytics APIs in Embedded app, store A gives me success while store B gives me error. That is, I can get analytics data successfully using ShopifyApp.Analytics.fetch({}) from store A, but same not succeeded for store B where I receive this error "Shop is missing 'reports' feature". ShopifyQL which I want to get is following:

'SHOW sum(pageview_count) FROM visits SINCE -7d UNTIL -1d'

Once I thought it would be due to some privileges issue as mentioned here because I don't have full access to store, so I tried this app from the shop owner account and same error there. While, this (store B) is working successfully in, which gives us our store analytics but I'm not sure either they are using Analytics APIs to get shopify data or some other-way, as much I know the best way to get Shopify store metrics data is Analytics APIs using Embedded App SDK. I'm following same template and code for both stores embedded apps. What is causing to this error and what would be its solution? Purpose is to get store analytics data and perform some data analysis on it. If there is any other way to achieve my goal (i.e. to get store analytics data), please let me. Thanks in advance.

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