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Headless Shopify Plus + Gift Cards

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We're running a headless Gatsby/Netlify Shopify build that's been working great

However the gift card emails that go out - normally they direct to `[subdomain]` - however it seems Shopify has disabled this, and it has to be routed through a primary domain? (this is what they told us).  the address throws "too many redirects".

So I think, no problem - I'll just rebuild this page and use the admin API to render what they were doing (recreate the liquid file).  Not so fast though.  those X's and Y's seem to be internal tokens to look up a gift card, but don't seem to be accessible to me.

I'm at a loss right now, any pointers would be hugely helpful thank you

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @cYberSport91, I'm Neomi from the app,

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We work with a few headless sites and can help you create the perfect gifting experience,

Here is our help center article on how headless works with Rise.

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