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How to do Checkout without Shopify's UX (Zero Shopify Ux)

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I'm considering building a different shopping experience and want to partner with Shopify. Shopify has a great product that lets businesses jumpstart their eCommerce strategy - I just want to use the Shopify platform to build a completely different shopper experience.

For the sake of this conversation - let's call it NextGenShopping (NGS)

One critical aspect is, shoppers will never experience Shopify UX - even during checkout. 

I want to adhere to Shopify's EULA and best practices - so please, can someone from Shopify tell me what approaches you offer?


- the shopper experience is so different, it cannot use Shopify's UX at all

- all financial transactions would be handled by NGS and Stripe/Paypal/etc or other well established/trusted & regulated payment gateways using industry best practices adhering to CCPA and GDPR - NGS would not retain any Shopper/Customer info - NGS is just facilitating the transaction and extracting a platform fee for its NextGeneration Experience (via PayPal Commerce/Stripe Connect)

- ShopifyMerchants that decide to install the app would have orders and payments show up just like it normally would so that a merchant could manage their business appropriately

- NGS money flows would follow best practices and adhere to all rules and regulations indicated by the banking and finance industry, local governments in addition to Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, etc.

- Stripe/PayPal would execute all money flows and neither NGS nor Shopify would not be listed as the merchant of record - the ShopifyMerchant that made the sale would be listed as "Merchant of Record".

Attached is a very simplified overview

Please advise on what would be the best approach and what next steps would be required.

Thank you


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Hi @BobSmith2020 

It sounds like you may be looking to create a sales channel app, which could allow you the possibility to utilize the checkout API to create a checkout flow. I'd start there:

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Would any of these proposed solutions allow NGS to extract a platform fee from the merchant as the sale is processed by the NGS platform? 

For example: 

- Jane picks a pair of shoes from Alan'sAwesome shoes.

- The order total is $100 ( shoes $87, tax $7, shipping $6 )

- NGS takes 10% = $10

- Stripe takes 2.9% = $2.90

- Shopify takes 2% = $2

- Net to Alan's Shoes = $85.10


Q: is that just configuration of Stripe? If so, which solution scenario?

thank you