How to get a product by SKU via StoreFront API?

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I need to get a product by SKU via StoreFront API, but that is impossible for me. I didn't find any information about that on the Shopify dev doc. I found only GraphQL filter by SKU, but it is not available for StoreFront, only for Admin API. 
Is there another way?

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Hey Marienko,


You can access the SKU through the storefront API, they are just tied to a Product Variant. Even if you don't add a variant to a product, there will always be at least one with the SKU that has been entered. (In the returned data, the title is usually "Default Title", if you haven't added a product variant)


If your products do have variants, then the SKU will change based on the selected SKU.


Hopefully that helps. Here is an example GraphQL Query:

        variants(first:100) {
          edges {
            node {