I am stuck between Shopify and the customer

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Hi everyone,

i have been developing an api for my customer. The application which I created in sales channel and it is a public app because I had to use graphql.

The customer want to see the application on Shopify market and I send the listening however The app has been rejected for 3 times because non sense reasons. 

4. Api url redirect to installation page. After installed, Shopify ask me to redirect the customer to application page and I did it.However, it is going in loop redirection.

5. I completed the application for customer to display in hybrid mobile application. Shopify ask me to display all data because I used sales channel. I am not front-end developer and I cannot display all data in sales channels. Also customer who will install the app, will not Use Shopify web interface so why I have to display all data with htmlcss query in sales channel?

I know many one of you will say I shouldn't  use sales channel but, I had to because there is no way to access storefront data.

I don't know what should I do now. I'm very regretful because I accepted to complete this project.

This is the first time  that I have been working with on Shopify API and  also I believe that this is will be last time.

I had to face Complex and difficult api documentation  and I completed the project without anyone's helps. Finally, Shopify rejected the app!



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