is it possible to sell subscription products on external website using store front api ?

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i have created custom app using partners dashboard then i got approved for Subscription API 

then by using my app i created subscription group and attached this group to a product which i wanted to sell . it shows my subscription options for that product on my store

but i am selling my products on client website so i used Storefront Api to fetch my products and i was able to do listing on external website but  i can't get the information about the subscription options. due to this i can sell my subscription product . i can only sell as normal product , can any one tell me why i don't receive that information api

here i can't send selling plan id even if i wanted too . it seems there is no way for external website people to add subscription product to cart using storefront api 

let me know if i am right or wrong ?

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I'm also running into this issue, let me know if you find a solution.

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This is currently not possible. The Subscriptions Roadmap has H1 2022 for this functionality.

As a user of the Storefront API, I find this very disappointing.