Mobile Buy issue for ios

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Hi there, 


Ive got an issue for my mobile ios app. 

The app was developed in 2016 the app is working just fine on 1 store. 


But i want to use the same app just for another store my issue is tho that i cannot locate the following id and informations to get the app working on new store.. 


#define SHOPIFYBUY_CHANNEL_ID                                   @"xxxxxx"

#define SHOPIFYBUY_MERCHANT_ID                                  @""

#define SHOPIFYBUY_APP_ID                                       @"x"


Can anybody please help me to locate the following info ? 


Thank u so much 

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Hi @Devicestore 

Around 2016 we migrated to the new version of the Buy SDKs. You will need to create a private app in the admin and follow how to do auth with the current setup (as described in the README)