Multi-currency storefront shows wrong price at first stage of checkout

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Hey Shopify devs, we're facing an issue relating to a store with international pricing / multiple currencies (EUR, GBP).


We're using shopify-buy js sdk. Default currency is EUR, secondary is GBP. We're setting the presentmentCurrency attribute on the cart accordingly depending where the user is located.


When a customer adds a new item to their cart and checks out in GBP, the price is off by a few pounds. I've debugged for quite a few hours and it appears that it comes from Shopify. Once we add the lineItem to the checkout, the amount due shifts to the incorrect one. The lineItem has a presentmentPrices array set on it with the correct amount for each currency... The price is shown to be correct once the user is about to pay since Shopify enforces it at that stage (we've enabled international pricing), but at the very first checkout screen when they're about to enter their info, it's wrong

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