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Orders getting abandoned when using Spreedly with shopify

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We have configured Stripe as our third-party payment provider in the shop When we are using shipping rate=0(Free), then orders are getting placed successfully (Order #1545), but when the shipping rate > 0, the orders are getting abandoned (#21595954184390). However, all the API calls are successful. We use Shopify-spreedly integration APIs to complete the checkout. We are using the following APIs of Spreedly:


Response from the checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2 API call (which resulted into an abandoned order on shopify side but successful on Spreedly):






As you can see, the API call is not throwing any errors, even then the orders are getting abandoned (on the shopify admin. Screenshot attached). We have tried creating different shipping zones and shipping profiles, but nothing seems to be working. Can you please help? 


(The ticket was originally posted here. On advise from shopify support we are reposting the same inthis forum also. )

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Hi Guys,


Any update on this? Our production is effected because of this issue.