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Persist User Login on Web Browser from Mobile App

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I am building a Shopify mobile application where we will direct the customers from the mobile app to the mobile website on the the web browser. 

The customer is already logged in in the mobile application. I am trying to find a where to persist the login info on the mobile web browser when the user clicks on a link from within the mobile application. 

1. I have read about using the X-Shopify-Customer-Access-Token, but is this only application when call the checkout APIs? Is there anyway to use X-Shopify-Customer-Access-Token to persist user login in the web browser on any other URL?

2. I also came across the Multi-pass option. But I don't really need to manage a third party login. I already have the customer Shopify customerAccessToken from the Storefront API, I just want to figure a way to use this customerAccessToken in the web browser. Is that possible?

Thank you. 

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Shopify Partner
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Hello there,


You can SSO the user into Shopify Store which you open in WebView mode in your Mobile Application . Once the user is logged in into Mobile Application with a single click they can have SSO into Shopify store via JWT token which can be developed in your mobile application for the logged in user. miniOrange provides SSO Solutions for Shopify Store and they definitely have a solution for your case as well . Please reach out to them on