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Hello there,


We have a Shopify store as well as Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) linked to a custom database.

All of our Products information from Shopify is synchronized with our custom database using Webhooks. Whenever any Product is added/updated/deleted from Shopify, It is automatically updated in Custom Database using Webhooks.


We are facing an issue where every few days, all the URLs of Product Images are updated automatically in Shopify and in turn images are missing from the Mobile Apps because webhooks are not called and the custom database still have the Old URLs.

Then we need to update each product manually from Shopify Backend to synchronize the image URLs again with custom database.

Could you please let me know how the Images URLs are changed automatically in Shopify without webhooks being called? What is the best solution to tackle this problem?

Thanks in Advance.


Usman Pervez

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