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Setting Locale on Customer Account Creation via Storefront API

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We're integrating Shopify into our CMS via Storefront API - this works perfectly well, even developing Multi-Language Stores with Checkout in different locales, but i can't find any info on how it is possible to define in which language the customer activation emails are sent if we trigger them via Account Creation / Reset functions via Storefront API Calls.


I looked all over the API Documentation but there doesn't seem to be a way to submit some kind of Language or Locale to the Customer Creation Process - the Confirmation E-Mail is always being sent in the default Store Language set in the Shopify Configuration.


It works perfectly for the Checkout as the Locale can be added to the Checkout URL when redirecting but there is no such field in the Storefront API. Setting the HTTP "Accept-Language" Header as described in the Translation API doesn't help either as this seems to work only with specific Product Translations.


Has anybody managed to find a way to submit the current locale to the Storefront API functions in order to get Transactional E-Mails automatically sent in different Languages and have the Customer? I hope you can point me in the right direction.

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