Shopify Buy Button - need a way to grey out out of stock variants

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I am working on getting the Shopify Buy Button set up on a site, and need a way to totally grey out variants that are out of stock. The reason for this is that we have specific functionality we need to implement around out-of-stock variants, which require clearly communicating to customers that they are out of stock.


Here is an example of where I am trying to implement the Buy Button:

And here is an example of the greyed-out functionality we are trying to re-implement, for out of stock variants:


I have tried doing this via jQuery, but can't seem to get the jQuery to be loaded after the Buy Button.

I have also tried implementing this directly in the Buy Button code, but the quantity data does not seem to be available there.


Has anyone tried doing this, or does anyone have ideas on how I can get this to work?

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