Storefront API and International Price

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I was trying to manage at with storefront API new International Price.
In order to get new pricing rules, I use the variant `presentmentPrices` to get all my prices for a variant.

I use the `createCheckout` mutation in order to get a new checkout with `presentmentCurrencyCode` based on the current currency.
But when I go to checkout I see the base price (not the correct price) translated in USD.

If I put my account details (With a US address) it will update the correct price.

I think is not working well with storefront API, isn't it?

Imagine that a product is 200€ but 300$ (inserted custom for US country)
A US person will see in the storefront 300$ but when arrive at checkout 240$ (that is basically a EUR conversion) 
and then when insert the US address again 300$.

If someone have ideas or managed it, let's discuss 🙂

Thank You.

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