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I have been looking into the Storefront API to potentially customize the checkout experience for my customers but I have noticed that there is no way to create a checkout using a phone number as the contact information for the checkout. In our store we only allow our customers to checkout as guests and we allow the use of both the phone number and email.

The customerCreate mutation also does not support the creation of a customer with only a phone number so I cannot create a customer and then associate it to the checkout to solve the issue described above.

I have noticed that this same question was asked about 2 years ago here and the Shopify Staff response was "At this time, this isn't possible when creating a checkout with the Storefront API. With that being said though, I'll file a request to have this added as it makes sense to mirror the behaviour of the online checkout. Thanks for bringing this up! "

The feature has not yet been added.

Allowing the checkoutCreate mutation to accept a phone number as the checkout contact information is very important in countries such as Italy, where email adoption rates vary widely among different kinds of demographics and only allowing emails automatically reduces conversion rates

Is it possible to file another request with the Storefront API development team about this?

Please let me know if you need more information about this!


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