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Storefront API- Tracking Add to Cart

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Hi all,


My question is related to tracking events when using the Storefront API:
As I've implemented it, everything before the actual checkout (such as adding to cart) is on our website, while we only use Shopify for the checkout process. In the Analytics/Dashboard section, under  "Conversion Funnel",  I can see that the events for the "Reached checkout" and "Sessions converted" are happening, but the "Add to Cart" event doesn't seem to be triggering. 

I think the reason for this is because I am using the Storefront API to add to the cart, and the other two events are happening on the Shopify site itself. Does anyone know of a way to register the Add To Cart event from the Storefront API? Or perhaps if you think the reason for this issue is different, it would be great to get your feedback.


Thank you!

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