User Tracking Inconsistencies

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We are using the Shopify BuyButton.js to make a wordpress based website transactional. 

We have installed Heap Tracking on both the wordpress site and on our Shopify store (Using the additional scripts box in the checkout settings). 

The Shopify Store checkout occurs on a subdomain ( of the domain where the main site is


The Shopify and identify implementation looks good and is working as expected. This is because these users were navigated to instead of when they went through the checkout flow. We saw that in the Shopify settings redirects are enabled, which is preferable for the Heap setup. 

That said, we are still seeing some users redirect to , and this is where users are being split. 

In this scenarios, we know that the Shopify flow redirected from to the domain. This is not ideal given the Heap identify implementation, so we want to make sure that 100% of Shopify thank you pages happen on . Shopify seems to have an inconsistency in the domains that appear within the store.

Is there a way to correct this inconsistency and only route users to our own subdomain during checkout? 



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