Help! Basic questions about subscriptions cancellation, monthly/yearly subscriptions billing

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Hi all!

I'm having trouble getting a clear understanding of how subscriptions can & should be handled would be very grateful to get some help with the following:

  1. Subscriptions cancellation:
    1. If a merchant currently under a paid monthly subscription removes our app from his store - should the monthly subscription be cancelled the moment the app was removed (& lock access), or should it stay active until the end of the current subscription month?
    2. Should monthly & annual subscriptions be handled differently in cases when the app was removed?
    3. If we offer merchants the option to cancel the subscription from within our app (via a "Cancel subscription" button) --> should the logic be the same as in 1.1 or can we define that it cancels the recurring payment/auto-renewal and the merchant will have access until the end of his current subscribed month (like most monthly subscriptions)?
    4. If a merchant for some reason fails to pay his Shopify payment (together with the app subscription), how could we (the app) be updated about that so we can update his subscription & cancel it?
  2. For yearly subscriptions, is there an option to bill the merchants on a quarterly basis/cycle, or should the whole payment always be charged in one time?


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