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Liquid to GraphQL id

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In the storefront product page, I have access to the relevant selling plan groups. I have access to an id ( but would like to get the GraphQL id. I need it to fetch some data from our servers.

I tried `window.atob` but it just returns gibberish.

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I'm also looking to solve a similar conundrum. I'm in a situation where I have a Selling Plan Group id, retrieved from the Product AJAX api, and I'm trying to find a sane way of correlating that with Selling Plan Group's actual id.

Through the Admin GraphQL api, I can retrieve a Selling Plan Group Id, "gid://shopify/SellingPlanGroup/91521195". The same Selling Plan Group, when returned as part of the response from the Product AJAX API, is returned as "443f8160e8514d187603d97741c928a440bd9240". The example shown in the Product AJAX API reference shows a number being returned for the selling_plan_group_id, but instead it seems to be returning a hex value