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Migrating subscription contracts between non-legacy subscription apps

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I read the documentation about migrating subscription contracts from legacy subscription apps, and I was wondering if you can migrate contracts from an app that uses the Subscription API to another app that also uses the Subscription API.

So my question is,
is it possible to read/write subscription contracts that other apps have created using the Subscription API when you have the access scopes to read/write subscriptions?

If not, then is it possible to migrate subscription contracts that were created by the Subscription API, using the method written here.


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Hi DanielTehrani,

There is no public way to migrate subscriptions contracts between applications. In order to prevent duplicate billing when more than one subscription application is installed, contracts are not visible across applications.

Should a merchant need to migrate subscriptions contracts stored in Shopify from application to another, they should reach out to Shopify support.

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Will then shopify assist with migrating the contracts?

I just want to know before picking an app, I would hate to think that once we pick an app we are stuck with it forever (no matter their quality of service or the changes in our needs) just because there is no way to move subscription contracts to another app.