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Migrating Subscription Contracts from Shopify Payments to

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Hey All,

We have built a custom subscription app for our shop using the shopify subscription API.  When we initially built this app, we were required to use shopify payments, which we did and in turn, closed up shop on

Now is a compatible gateway for the subscription API and we would like to move back.

I have a few questions regarding this and support has not been able to help.

1.  Will we have to migrate ALL current subscription contract tokens from shopify payments to authorize?

2. Knowing we are going to have to do some work on the actual app to make this compatible with Authorize over shopify payments, has any one gone through this exact transition before?  If so, did you run into any issues?

3. Would we be able to run shopify payments and in unison for this?  Ex.  All subs go through shopify payments while rest of store goes through authorize?

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Thanks for your questions. Here's what I can tell you:

  1. You shouldn't need to do anything with the existing contracts. 
  2. We don't think you should need to make any changes to the app to support
  3. No, you can't do this.

I hope that at least clarifies some things for you. If you have more information about your situation or just need clarification on my answer, don't hesitate to reply.