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Using Cybersource ( with Subscriptions

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We are geographically unable to use for subscriptions, so we're going with Cybersource instead (note that Cybersource is basically a rebranded with usage outside of North America). The Subscriptions APIs support as a payment gateway, so should Cybersource also work? If not, is this in the roadmap at all?


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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Speerdev,

Thank you for your question!


We do not support Cybersource for subscriptions. It is only possible to use Shopify Payments, Paypal Express and gateways.

Also, I do not see the addition of Cybersource in our roadmap at the moment.

Thank you,


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There is no current timeline to support Cybersource. Can you share which region you're in that prevents you from using

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The UK. restricts outside of North America:
It offers Cybersource as an alternative.

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Thanks for the info Speerdev!
We've gone ahead and documented this, and will prioritize looking at Cybersource accordingly.
Appreciate your insights.

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Same here,


Looking for a subscription app for Cybersource. Only available option in Central America.