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Our app can be installed and used with the Shopify ecosystem in two ways.


  • Our existing users turn on the Shopify integration directly from the web app by granting access to their store. 
  • Or merchants can discover and install the application in the store.  

We want to implement Billing subscription APIs only for new merchants + new installs. How can we achieve this? Any pointers, examples will be much appreciated. 

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Hey there SoSimplified!
I might need a bit more clarification in order to help you out.

Why are you trying to only utilize the Billing API with new customers? Is there something missing from our APIs that you require for legacy work?

And is your question about how you might keep track of only new merchants?
If so, this is a bit of a tricky problem, explored a bit here:
It looks like your best strategy might involve adding some logic to assume a store was already installed during the callback if it exists in your DB and has never seen the uninstall webhook hit for it.

Hope I could help a bit!

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Thanks for the quick reply. More context 


  1. Our no-code platform helps marketing teams in creating marketing assets for all the different marketing channels.  
  2. As the scope of the work extends beyond the online store, D2C companies have relationships with us outside the Shopify billing ecosystem.
  3. We are working on the integration, so the joint customers don't need to copy-paste product photo catalogs manually.
  4. The review team asked us to build a "Billing API" so new merchants installing the application first time will be billed via Shopify.