Creating Empty (bogus) payment methods for migrations without payment tokens

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I can't find an answer to this anywhere yet. We're migrating subscriptions to our app, but the merchant is using a payment gateway that isn't compatible with Shopify subscriptions.


I need to create a subscription contract with an empty customer payment method so that subscribers can update their payment information for the contract we're creating.


Is there a best practice for how to create contracts without a payment method, or creating empty payment methods that can be updated by customers?


Thank you


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The documentation we have in place about migrating buyers to Subscriptions API is the following:


Unfortunetly, you can't create contracts without a payment method.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I understand that I need a payment method to create a contract, but am trying to create an invalid payment method so that I can create the contract, then ask the customer to update their payment information. This will save customers the need to re-subscribe.


I think I almost have it figured out. If I create a new payment method with an invalid Stripe customer ID, it is successful and creates a "bogus" payment method:


If I then send the email to update billing information, and have the customer update this payment method with a valid credit card, it seems like Shopify allows me to continue using the same payment method.


So I should be able to use the bogus payment method to create the contract, then ask customers to update their billing information. If they don't, the contract's billing attempt will simply fail like any other payment failure.


Let me know if I'm missing anything.